Quick Steps

What is Office Home and Student 2021?

Office Home and Student 2021 is for students who want classic Office apps including Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Windows 11 and Windows 10. A one-time purchase installed on one PC or Mac for use at home or school.

It offers an all-in-one application package. Users may create papers, presentations, calculations, and reports with Microsoft. Take advantage of the Home Student setting. Once you've purchased the Microsoft Office 2021 package, you'll need to use the product key to activate the software. Begin the office.com/setup home student 2021 setup process by following the on-screen instructions.

What's new in Office Home & Student 2021?

  • First advantage of choosing a license like Office 2021 is that these licenses never expire. You have a permanent right to use this license, you do not have it with Microsoft 365/Office 365. Although the license is perpetual.
  • In earlier versions of Office, you couldn't simultaneously work on the same file; instead, you had to merge the files. You can work together on the same document in real-time with Office 2021 and quickly view each other's edits.
  • Windows 11 and Office 2021 were released around the same time, and for good reason. Visually enhanced to make both applications very similar. However, Office 2021 will still run on Windows 10.
  • The great thing about Office 2021 is that Teams integrates with Office applications, so you can chat and call directly from Office with Microsoft Teams.
  • If you don't have the time to design or look for every image yourself, office.com/setup home student 2021 includes more images and icons, which is really helpful. With the correct additions, you may rapidly arrange your document using these built-in visuals and icons.
  • In Office 2021, there is a tool called XMATCH that enables you to locate a certain object fast and retrieve its relative position.
  • You have more options for recording your PowerPoint slideshow with the most recent version of PowerPoint.
  • Outlook has a lot of helpful features. You can find some things more quickly by using "instant search." Additionally, you can have your messages translated into more than 50 different languages.
  • You can find improved Linked Table Managers and extra options for date and time data types in some Office 2021 versions of Access.

Where to find an office product key?

To get an office setup product key, users need to confirm their purchase. It might depend on their purchase platform. Users can get the product key in two ways :-

  1. Purchase online marketplace such as Amazon, Flipkart, D-mart etc.
  2. Purchase from a retail store.

In case of online purchase users will get the code online onto their register email address along with the instruction of the installation.
For Retail store purchase, users get a retail card, onto the backside of that cardm they get the 25 digits product key code. Users need to activate this product key with Microsoft Account to activate the application.

How to Activate Office home and student 2021 online?

For Activate Office home and student 2021 online. follow these steps: -

  • Product functionality may vary depending on whether you're using an older version of the computer.
  • Verify that you have a one-of-a-kind, never-before-used product license.
  • Computer browser, go to office.com/setup home and student 2021 to begin the installation.
  • Double-check that you've already signed in.
  • Select your country and enter the product key.
  • Download the Office 2021 setup for the computer that you.
  • Double-click installer.pkg to run it.
    Accept the terms of the 2021 software license for home students.
  • Click Install Software after entering your computer login password.
  • Installing office.com/setup home student 2021 will take a few moments.

How to Download & Office home student?

Download and install Office home student 2021
Follow the steps below to download and install Microsoft 365 setup:-

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to office.com/setup home student 2021.
  2. You can also go to the Microsoft Office 2021 partner site.
  3. Click the Sign in button.
  4. Login using your Microsoft Office account information.
  5. Click Install Office on the Office home page.
  6. Select Office 2021 or Office home student 2021.
  7. Download the home student 2021 32-bit or 16-bit version.
  8. Double-click the setup.exe installer and execute it.
  9. You're ready to go.
  10. Launch Office 2021 and type in the activation code.
  11. Home Student 2021 is now available at Microsoft 365 setup.